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We have included the links below for a deeper dive into what we believe. What you probably really want to know is when I visit your church, what am I walking into? So here goes:

Holy Trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus died for our sins and that we must be born again. Jesus is the only way to salvation and our desire is for everyone to receive him as Savior and Lord.

We open each service with worship. Through music and song we desire to immerse you in the presence of God to ready your heart for the sermon of the day, lift your spirit and bring you closer to God. 

We teach and preach The Bible. You will hear a sermon based in God's Word designed to help you grow in your walk with Jesus and help you live in holiness, integrity, and the victory for which he gave his life.

His Presence. We honor the presence of God and we give him the freedom to move as he desires. We won't manufacture anything in our own might, but if Holy Spirit desires to change the plan we allow him. Decently and in order we honor the Gifts of the Spirit he has given to the church and we are sensitive to His promptings.

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